ONE CALL DOES IT ALL!  •  Serving Delaware & Maryland

ONE CALL DOES IT ALL!  •  Serving Delaware & Maryland

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Safeguard YOur Home against mold with big red services.

Big Red Services and their specialty in mold prevention can help you avoid the expenses and health risks that come with having your home or business contaminated by mold. Whether you want to prevent mold growth in a newly constructed building, or you’ve had mold remediated and want to ensure that the problem won’t return, our mold specialist, can safeguard your property against mold for years to come.

Of course, mold treatment and restoration service is a lengthy, complex process. That is why it should be left to the professionals who have the right equipment to detect the proliferation of mold. Due to the possible health effects of the mold cleanup, our technicians are fully properly equipped to clean up the mold. You should therefore keep in mind several factors regarding the entire process.

Our technicians ensure that all windows and doors connecting the mold-contaminated room(s) to the other parts of the house are closed. We also use polyethylene sheeting and duct tape to seal off doorways, tiles, crawl space, and other openings. This procedure helps to curtail any further spread of mold.

In order to facilitate the work of mold removal, all soft, porous materials such as insulation, drywall, or carpet that have been exposed to mold are removed. These are then disposed of via normal trash disposal procedures.

To further prevent the presence of mold growth, we perform dust suppression. This includes gently cleaning affected surfaces with a special detergent and misting the air to bind to mold spores. We then use vacuums at the source of dust production.

Our technicians fully sanitize the remaining surfaces in the containment area after removing the infected porous materials. 

First, we thoroughly scrub surfaces with wire brushes to uproot the mold colonies. We then wipe surfaces down with disposable antimicrobial cloths. Finally, we clean them with damp rags and detergent. Our technicians dispose of cleaning materials the same way as porous materials.

Depending on the extent of the mold contamination, product and surfaces may also be cleaned with a vacuum.

Afterward, fans, dehumidifiers, and disinfectant solutions will be used in the contaminated area to speed up the drying process.

Finally, mold-damaged and removed materials will be repaired or replaced. If a replacement is outside of our expertise, we will happily recommend a trusted contractor to perform the repairs.

Mold, in many cases, is either invisible to the human eye or hidden from view. You shouldn’t assume you don’t have a “mold problem.” It’s always best to back up your intuition with facts. A test of the quality of your indoor air will identify the presence of mold, as well as concentration build-up and location of the mold. Our analysis confirms the radius of the overgrowth to analyze the severity of the situation appropriately. This initial step ensures that our team successfully targets all of the mold on your property.