ONE CALL DOES IT ALL!  •  Serving Delaware & Maryland

ONE CALL DOES IT ALL!  •  Serving Delaware & Maryland

Serving Delaware & Maryland


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Two things are critical when it comes to proper AC installation: skilled technicians and quality products. At Big Red Services, our service technicians undergo constant training to stay up-to-date on the latest cooling trends and innovations. Before we replace your aging air conditioner or design a cooling system for new construction, we do a Manual J calculation. This calculation takes into account factors that affect your energy demands, including solar, shade, square footage and lifestyle. Armed with this information, we can correctly determine the system size you need to keep you comfortable when temperatures hit the 90s.

We install energy-efficient Trane equipment. Trane heat pumps, air conditioners and ductless systems are quiet, economical and durable. When we’re ready to install your Trane cooling unit, you’ll have peace of mind knowing that NATE-certified service technicians are handling the installation. Even though we’re confident in our technicians’ abilities, we follow up with a phone call to make sure you’re completely satisfied with your AC installation.

AC Maintenance critical to ensuring that, when spring turns to summer, your air conditioner is ready to deliver its cooling comfort. Regular maintenance keeps your warranty valid, averts major unexpected breakdowns and keeps your AC unit running at peak efficiency.


Cool air is one common item people practically crave when the beating sun shines on their backs and burns their skin.

It would be drastically inconvenient if your air conditioning unit breaks down during the hottest time of the year, but you won’t have to stress nor sweat about it long with the Big Red Services team.

Each of our air conditioning installation contractors is trained and equipped to properly install any level of a cooling system. Due to the interconnectedness between the central air, electronic and duct systems in your home, it is highly advisable to work with our expert installation contractors when upgrading, replacing or installing a new A/C system. We will provide an accurate and fair estimate of the project, breaking down the costs of parts and labor so that you can make a more informed buying decision to complete your journey.

Some known reasons as to why you should consider replacing an air conditioning unit even if it’s not completely broken go as follows. If your unit is more than ten years old, we would recommend you consider replacing it. A lifespan for an AC unit is only 10-15 years. They begin to wear down and need multiple repairs, hurting your pockets, so it would definitely be more cost-effective by just replacing the technology. Lastly, AC units lose their efficiency over time creating higher energy bills. When the cost of continuous repairs and monthly bills start to add up, in most cases it can be more economical to replace the unit.

Our installers do not benefit from you buying the most expensive model in our catalog and work closely with you to stay within your budget. As we are conscious about the environment, energy costs, and your budget, our line of air conditioning units have an amazing track record of being built to last and are energy efficient which will drastically cut back on your cooling costs.

Everything we do is designed around achieving your highest level of satisfaction and comfort. We want you to feel the warmth of summer and experience the joy from vitamin D, not feel trapped in a puddle of sweat with no escape!

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