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How Important Is Air Conditioner Maintenance?

When you consider the consequences of not cleaning the system, the need for yearly professional cleanings becomes obvious:

  • 90% of all air conditioning system failures are a result of little or no maintenance!
  • A dirty air conditioner could cost up to 50% more to operate than a system that has been properly maintained!
  • Cooling your home with a dirty air conditioner can take up to twice as long as it would if the unit were cleaned regularly!
  • Well-maintained air conditioners can last 15-20 years or more, but a poorly maintained system will cost hundreds in repairs and will require replacement earlier than expected!

An air conditioner cleaning and maintenance check is an affordable service that can prevent these problems in your home, save you money, and increase your comfort. Our NATE certified maintenance technicians will remove dust, dirt, and debris from your system and check for any problems that could prevent you from having a cool, comfortable summer

Benefits of Regular Air Conditioner Maintenance

Save Money & Energy:

Clean air conditioners can use the energy they consume more efficiently. Less energy is wasted with each cycle and your energy bills begin to dwindle!

Increase Comfort:

Dust and dirt make it more difficult for your air conditioner to remove excess moisture and heat from the air and your comfort suffers. Eliminate this barrier to having total home comfort!

Prevent Breakdowns:

Dirt interferes with the function of the most vital components in your air conditioner causing breakdowns and interruptions in comfort. Minimize costly repairs and have Four Seasons keep your air conditioner running clean.

Increase Lifespan:

Get the most out of your air conditioner and prevent early investment in a new system by having Four Seasons keep your air conditioner in tip-top shape year after year.

Air Conditioner Tune-Up Points of Service Checklist

  • Oil motors (and blower, if necessary)
  • Check fan belts & blades
  • Check freon level
  • Check amperage draw
  • Check temperature draw & drop
  • Check electrical connections
  • Check & calibrate thermostat
  • Clean air conditioner
  • Remove all debris from unit
  • Inspect furnace filter & blower

At Big Red, we know what it takes to keep you cool. Give us a call today at 302-985-5858 to learn more about the quality you get when you let us handle your air conditioning repairs, maintenance, and installations. We guarantee you’ll love working with us!

Air conditioning systems can be costly to repair when they break down.

You can avoid high AC repair costs through regular maintenance. Learn these common AC issues you can prevent in your home with routine maintenance, and assistance from Big Red Services.

First, if your air conditioner begins to run constantly, and does not stop, this could signify something wrong with the system. Regular AC maintenance entails changing or cleaning the filter to ensure that your equipment pulls enough air. A faulty thermostat can also cause an air conditioner to run constantly, and replacing it could solve the issue.

What if the air blowing out of the AC is not cold? Well the system may be low on coolant preventing the machinery from blasting chilly air. You can avoid this issue by conducting annual tuneups and maintenance. If you schedule AC tuneups every spring, the service technician checks the coolant levels in advance to prevent emergency air conditioner repairs.

Also, An inefficient air conditioning system can quickly increase your energy bills. The system has to work harder than usual to keep your home comfortable, leading to high energy bills and AC repair costs. Fortunately, you can avoid high energy bills by hiring someone for routine maintenance tasks that are being explained on this page.

Air conditioners rely on refrigerants to operate as well; thus, low refrigerant levels can affect performance. Refrigerant leaks are common, so you need regular servicing to maintain the proper refrigerant levels. Some common causes of refrigerant leaks include loose fittings and corrosion in the coils.

Lastly, failure to replace or clean dirty air filters and repair faulty parts on time can eventually cause your air conditioner to break. Save yourself the high AC replacement costs with routine maintenance. Poor indoor air quality issues are also common AC issues that you can prevent with regular tune-ups.

You can prevent these AC problems from happening. We have HVAC service technicians who can help with professional tuneups. Contact Big Red Services to schedule AC maintenance and repair services with our experienced professionals.

Our service professionals will give your air conditioning system a full checkup and make all necessary cleanings and adjustments to ensure great, energy-efficient performance.