ONE CALL DOES IT ALL!  •  Serving Delaware & Maryland

ONE CALL DOES IT ALL!  •  Serving Delaware & Maryland

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Losing your hot water is a sure sign of problems with your heater. Another sign is the water temperature suddenly getting very hot, or getting slowly colder. Small leaks in the tank can lead to serious water damage to the surrounding area. If your water heater is over ten years old it might be nearing the end of its life. If you see a lot of rust around the tank it is a good idea to give us a call . We can usually respond fast and quickly get you back to using safe and energy efficient hot water.


Tankless water heaters can solve your problems of cold showers. These tankless systems heat water as it is used, rather than storing hot water in a tank. This means that the tank is never emptied and you never run out of hot water. This makes the water heater more efficient and saves you money over time. Although more expensive than a traditional water heater upfront, tankless water heaters last significantly longer.
Water Heater

Water Heater Installation

Maybe you’re looking to install a water heater in your newly constructed Delaware home or you’re adding a system to an outbuilding or seasonal cottage. Maybe you’re even considering adding an additional water heating system to meet the needs of a large family. No matter the case, Big Red is ready to help you install the system that will work best for you.

Our licensed technicians will work alongside you and contractors, designers, or architects to help you choose the water heater best suited to meet your family’s needs.


Conventional Storage Tank Water Heater
Employs a large tank to store a large volume of hot water, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
Tankless or On-demand Water Heater
Heats water on-demand using super-heated coils. No tank necessary! This type of unit is usually a surprisingly small box mounted to the wall in your home’s utility room or closet.
Heat Pump or Hybrid Water Heater
Uses a heat exchanger to pull heat from the air to heat water for use in your home. A heat pump or hybrid water heater takes up a considerable amount of space – at least as much as that of a conventional storage tank.
Solar Powered Water Heater
Draws energy from the sun. A fantastic option for homeowners who have solar panels or plan to add them to their home. Like conventional water heaters, solar powered water heaters require a well-insulated tank for storage.
Condensing Water Heater
A condensing water heater uses the exhaust from your home’s other natural gas appliances to heat a coil at the bottom of a conventional-looking water tank.
Most frequently, we’re asked to install conventional and tankless water heaters. However, demand for heat pump and solar powered water heaters is growing in areas of the country most conducive to their operation.