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ONE CALL DOES IT ALL!  •  Serving Delaware & Maryland

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Our Cleaning Equipment

Motorized Flex-Rod and Brush Cleaning System
This commercial-grade, flexible rod and brush system can be coupled together, and attached to a motorized device. This allows them to navigate the entire length of the exhaust system, to scrub, and agitate; all the debris and lint build up, off the interior walls of the dryer duct, so that the debris and lint can be removed. This method is often used in conjunction with a high powered, commercial dryer vent vacuum, and is our most common method used when cleaning a dryer exhaust duct.

Soft Bristle Brush
This brush is used as an attachment, to the motorized flex rod system, to assist with lint agitation and removal.

Bullet Brush
The patented Bullet Brush is used as an attachment to the motorized flex rod system. The Bullet Brush can be very effective at navigating around multiple 90 degree bends. It is equipped with metal bristles, to help remove the high levels of build up within dryer ducts. Due to its open design, it will never “push lint” or cause a blockage like other cleaning brushes in the industry.

Bird and Rodent Nest Removal Tool
The chopper tool is attached to the motorized Rod and brush system, to remove larger obstructions such as bird or rodent nests.

200 CFM, HEPA, Commercial Dryer Vent Vacuum
A commercial vacuum system is used in conjunction with the Motorized flex-rod and brush cleaning system. It is a very effective at collecting the lint that is agitated and scrubbed from the side walls of the exhaust system. Our vacuums are equipped with a HEPA filtration system, as well as HEPA collection bags. This insures that fine dust gets trapped within the vacuum, and does not enter into customers’ home or effect indoor air quality.

Compressed Air and Skipper

Cleaning ducts with an air compressor and “skipper” is very effective, and is often the preferred method when cleaning ducts that are larger than the standard four inches in diameter. Larger ducts are found in dryer exhaust systems that are located in commercial laundry facilities, and multistory buildings.

Appliance Moving Equipment
In many cases, it is necessary, to move a washer and dryer during the course of servicing the dryer exhaust duct. Without the proper equipment, it can be extremely difficult as well as potentially damaging to homeowner’s floors. Homes built in recent years are often designed with space conservation in mind. In some cases, home owners will opt to “stack” laundry appliances. With the use of our Scuff Shield, and Air Sled, appliances can be moved with ease, and home owners never need to worry about having a floor scratched or torn.

Click here to see the amazing Air-Sled appliance mover in action:

Often, dryer vent inspections, and cleaning services calls, require technicians to gain access to second and third floor dryer outlets, roof outlets, and attic duct work. Without the proper extension ladders, this is not possible. At Dryer Vent Guardian our service vehicles are always equipped with a variety of extension ladders, which gives us the ability to gain access to these areas. Each of our technicians participates in required, annual ladder safety training, covering the proper use, safety and handling of extension ladders. Our technicians always use properly padded ladders and ladder standoffs, to eliminate possible damage to customer’s homes.

Safety Equipment
At Dryer Vent Guardian, the health and safety of our employees is a priority. Our technicians are properly trained in the use of safety equipment, and also how to determine what safety equipment is necessary. Our service vehicles are equipped with all the necessary equipment needed for the services we provide. Safety equipment we routinely use includes everything from proper fall protection to safety glasses, safety goggles, respirators, dust masks, and cut resistant gloves, just to name a few

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