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Dryer Vent Safety Products

Dryer Wall Vents

In many cases, the dryer’s exterior wall vent outlet has often been treated as an afterthought. Most vents are constructed of plastics, which deteriorate and crack over time. Often, vents have restrictive (and code-disallowed) screens that collect lint. Other vents are built with very restrictive light weight metal hoods, extruding far from the wall, making them very inefficient, and prone to damage. In every case, these old-style terminations detract from the beauty of a home’s exterior. Our Dryer Wall Vents are made with powder coated steel, which allows them to last for many years. Additionally, they are equipped with a recessed, “bird and rodent proof”, low power magnetic door. It is also the industry’s first “zero back pressure” rated dryer wall vent, making it the most efficient in the industry.

Dryer Roof Outlets

Dryer Jack – Shorter duct runs, created by venting the dryer straight through the roof, can improve drying efficiency and lessen lint buildup. Until now, however, there were no roof terminations that met all the stringent dryer venting requirements. The new Dryer Jack is engineered specifically for dryers and meets or exceeds all code requirements and delivers superior airflow efficiency. With its zero back pressure rating, and powder coated finish, Dryer Jack is the best quality, and most energy efficient roof outlet found in the market today. Due to its unique outlet design, and curved damper, the Dryer jack is not only resistant to animal intrusion but is also vent cleaning accessible. Often homeowners can more than double the clothes dryers’ efficiency, simply by having their old roof outlet replaced with a new Dryer Jack.

The Dryer Jack comes in two models, low profile model, and extra clearance model.

The Dryer-Ell

To reduce the number of dryer exhaust duct fires, (over 15,500 per year in the U.S alone) most building codes have strict guidelines for properly installing ventilation ducts for clothes dryers. Every foot of duct run, reduces airflow efficiency, and (commonly used) small radius elbows have an even greater impact. The Dryer Ell was specifically designed to eliminate that impact. Calling on ASHRAE engineering fundamentals, the manufactures of the Dryer Ell designed and constructed it with a smooth interior, it also exhibits a sweeping radius that improves air flow efficiency in the duct. UL (Underwriters Laboratories) found the Dryer Ell to be 500% more efficient than the commonly used sectioned elbows. Currently, the Dryer Ell is the only available “no flow reduction” elbow available, on the market today.


Our DryerFlex transition hose outperforms other exhaust hose, because of its unique design and all metal construction. It is constructed with five layers of 25-micron aluminum ribbon, wound over galvanized, zinc coated wire. Simply put, it is the safest and most energy efficient flexible transition hose available in the industry. In the event of a dryer fire, this design can work to hinder fire expansion into the wall, with torch tests up to 482 degrees, showing zero flame spread or smoke development.

Dryer Wall Box

Save energy, reduce risk of fire, and prevent a crushed transition hose behind the clothes dryer, by having our technicians install a dryer wall box. These wall boxes come in a variety of depths and sizes, to meet customer’s needs.

Dyer Booster Fan

The Lint Blitzer
Fan-Tech Booster Fan

Is the net equivalent length of your dryer exhaust system longer than 25 feet?

A dryer vent booster fan may be needed to help your dryer run more efficiently. Most residential clothes dryers on the market today cannot maintain the necessary airflow, in the exhaust vent, to properly move lint further than 25 feet. Typical residential dryers are rated at 160 cfm (cubic feet per minute). Booster fans are needed to maintain a minimum airflow of 100 cfm. As duct length increases, and bends are introduced into the design, more friction is created which reduces the flow rate. A professional booster fan installation provides proper airflow throughout the entire system. Proper airflow is essential for reducing lint build up and keeping your dryer working efficiently. An efficiently designed dryer exhaust system will save you money, by reducing drying time. Dryer Vent Guardian is your source for a professional booster fan installation.

* NOTE: Dryer booster fan manufactures recommend, that all dryer exhaust ducts with booster fans installed, be CHECKED FOR THEIR PROPER SAFETY AND OPERATION, and CLEANED at least once annually. (Both the booster fan, and the duct must be cleaned.)

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